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After a long process of qualification, we are pleased to announce that Autoelettric is official supplier of Robert Bosch GmbH. Great credit goes to our team, always taking care to the quality of the offered products and to the increasingly complex requests of the automotive market. We will immediately supply a wide range of direction indicators for both traditional and LED lamps. Speed ​​sensors will follow as soon as the validations are completed by the Bosch Gmbh laboratory.

led light link 24v LED light indicators offer fleet operators a significant improvement in reliability over the traditional incandescent bulb and an important costs saving, so LED lights are becoming increasingly more popular. Regulation ECE R48 requires that any failure of the Direction Indicator circuit must be informed to the driver either visibly or by the use of an audible signal. For LED indicators there is an ISO standard (ISO 13207-1) that outlines the required method. However there have been issues in the market, particularly with fleets of articulated vehicles. In many cases, the prime movers flasher unit may not be compatible with the ISO 13207-1 signal output on a trailer fitted with LED light units. This can be overcome by the fitting of a compatible electronic flasher unit. The alternative solution is to effectively make the trailer lighting system universal by fitting the LED Light Link unit. This will allow the trailer to be coupled to any vehicle regardless of the type of flasher unit fitted.

ils 12 24i-LS is the intelligent and universal solution to the problem of the failure detection of a LED direction indicator lamp. International regulations requires the Failure Detection of a lamp for vehicles driven on public roads. The flasher warns the driver by increasing the flash rate of the direction indicators lights or by switching off an indicator light on the dashboard (for trailers). i-LS is a universal solution as it allows to detect the failure of both bulb and cluster LED between 1W and 8W. Combined with our specific flasher unit, i-LS allows a reliable detection of LED cluster failure and prevents irregular or spurious signals. i-LS does not produce heat so it can be fitted anywhere, its power consumption is irrelevant.

ils 12 24V Autoelettric has obtained the European Patent no. 12 004 889.7 for i-LSi-LS adopts the standard protocol for monitoring the operation of LED lights, ISO "PROTECTED-1: 2012 - Road vehicles - LED lamp characteristics for bulb compatible failure detection". The protocol has been defined by the best car and truck manufacturers to ensure compatibility with the electronic control unit for motor vehicles (Body Control Module).

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