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i-LS - Intelligent Led Solution

i-LS is the intelligent and universal solution to the problem of the failure detection of a LED direction indicator lamp.
International regulations requires the Failure Detection of a lamp for vehicles driven on public roads.
The flasher warns the driver by increasing the flash rate of the direction indicators lights or by switching off an indicator light on the dashboard (for trailers).
i-LS is a universal solution as it allows to detect the failure of both bulb and cluster LED between 1W and 8W.
Combined with our specific flasher unit, i-LS allows a reliable detection of LED cluster failure and prevents irregular or spurious signals.
i-LS does not produce heat so it can be fitted anywhere, its power consumption is irrelevant.

Following, a fast and short presentation about our solutions for an easy Led indicator conversion:
- Fast & Short Explanation LED Indicator Conversion ENG

A deeper analysis of our solutions for a Led indicator conversion:
- General Explanation i-LS  LLL Solution ENG Rev1

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