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LLL - LED Light Link

LLL (LED Light Link) offer fleet operators significant improvement in reliability over the traditional incandescent bulb and are becoming increasingly more popular.
Regulation ECE R48 requires that any failure of the Direction Indicator must be made known to the driver either visibly or by the use of an audible signal. For LED lamps there is an ISO standard (ISO 13207-1) that outlines the required method.
However there have been issues in the market, particularly with fleets of articulated vehicles. In many cases, the prime movers flasher unit may not be compatible with the ISO 13207-1 signal output on a trailer fitted with LED Light Link units. This can be overcome by the fitting of a compatible electronic flasher unit.
The alternative solution is to effectively make the trailer lighting system universal by fitting the LED Light Link unit. This will allow the trailer to be coupled to any vehicle regardless of the type of flasher unit fitted.
If the direction indicator is working (power draw is greater than 1 Watt) a resistor is switched ON.
When the light fails the power drops below 1 Watt, the resistor is switched OFF therefore triggering the failure display output built into the flasher unit.
The unit comes with powerless trailer detection according to the recent ISO 13207-1 standard.


- Dual channel (Left Side - Right Side) direction indicator lights
- Sealed electronics (IP67)
- Aluminum housing - screw mount
- Low heat generation
- Slim form factor – 102 x 82 x 27mm
- Connection cables included (1,5m | 3x0,75mm2)


- ECE R48 compatible failure monitoring of the indicators
- Compatible with any LED direction indicator light on the market
- The replacement/re-programming of the existing flasher unit is not required
- Bespoke electrical connections available on request
- Easy and safe installation

Following, a fast and short presentation about our solutions for an easy Led indicator conversion:
- Fast & Short Explanation LED Indicator Conversion ENG

A deeper analysis of our solutions for a Led indicator conversion:
- General Explanation i-LS  LLL Solution ENG Rev1

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