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Autoelettric is an Italian company, founded in 1984. Our company specializes in the development, manufacture, and testing of relays ranging from 10A to 600A. Additionally we produce a wide range of electronic components, such as timer units and flasher units for cars, trucks, motorcycles and the newer generation of electrically powered vehicles.

Autoelettric has evolved in recent years from a traditional manufacturer to an innovation orientated company. We develop and produce entirely in Italy a few lines of strategic products, by upholding our commitment to test and approve all components that we import into our plants.

We consider ourselves a technology company that tailor-makes electronic solutions, which are innovative and highly personalized. We fit in a category between a traditional craftsman and the Italian automotive industry: the passion and satisfaction in creating well made products is part of our heritage that we proudly carry in our hearts.

We are committed to building an eco-friendly company. Our working environment is not only intended to stimulate innovation but also to insure the well being of our work force. Our company guidelines mandate energy saving, the use of renewable energy whenever possible, and clean industrial processes.

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