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In addition to a wide range of products, Autoelettric provides specific services to meet the needs of each individual customer:


Our company is able to internally develop new electronic products following the guidelines of customers. The procedures consolidated over time in compliance with ISO 9001-2008 standards make this service effective and fast.

Fast Prototyping

Our company uses 3D-CAD models, 3D prints and fast design systems of print circuit boards to give a precise and quick response to the requests for the development of working prototypes, thus significantly shortening the time for the approval and realisation of serial products.

Fast Reproduction of “Classic” Products that are no longer available on the market

To respond to a market that faces sudden supply difficulties, our company is specialized in the redesigning products that have not been in production for a long time (classic) or items that have been no  longer available due to unforeseen events in the production and in the supply chain.

Packaging & Laser Personalizations

Our company provides a series of packagings that can be customized upon request, with the customer’s logo and colour, and manages a wide range of barcode labels that can be manufactured in differet sizes together with (multilingual) descriptions. Furthermore, thanks to laser technology, it is able to customise the products with a logo and a specific layout.

Product Traceability

Our company places great emphasis on product traceability, leveraging advanced digital technologies such as laser marking during testing and meticulously tracing production procedures. This ensures comprehensive traceability throughout the entire manufacturing process, enhancing quality control and accountability.


Autoelettric offers a series of packages and products that can be customised on request with the customer’s logo and colour.

Barcode labels in various formats and (multilingual) descriptions are available.

Single and Multiple Packaging

Industrial packaging

Pad & Laser Printing

In detail, through the pad printing technique or thanks to laser technology, all items can be customised with the customer’s logo, code, (multilingual) description, wiring diagram etc., on the plastic surface, mainly of the lids.

In detail:

  • Product Code
  • Logo
  • Multilingual Description
  • Wiring Diagram
  • Terminals Layout
  • Serial number


All products can be customised with logo marking, a (multilingual) description, a wiring diagram etc., printed directly on the lid during the moulding of the component.

Details that can be printed during the moulding phase of the plastic component:

  • Product code
  • Logo
  • Multilingual description
  • Wiring Diagram

Available colours:


The labels on the product packaging can be customised with the customer’s logo, the product code, the (multilingual) description and the barcode. Two sizes are available based on customer needs.

Label Details:

  • Product Code
  • Logo
  • Multilingual description
  • Barcode

For more details download the Packaging Options Catalogue.

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