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The BS-D-N-100-A1 controlled battery separator is used in the multi-battery system.
Supervise the primary battery of charge. Secondary consumers are normally connected to the auxiliary battery.
The BS-D-N-100-A1 allows the primary battery to start charging from the alternator until a voltage of 13.2V (26.4V) is reached for at least 7 seconds.
The relay opens when the battery voltage reaches 12.8V (25.6V) for at least 60 seconds.
This keeps the starter battery charged. If a charger is connected to the auxiliary battery and this battery reaches a voltage of 13.2V (26.4V) for at least 7 seconds, the relay closes and charges the starter battery at the same time.
If the charger is disconnected and the battery voltage reaches 12.8 V (25.6 V) for at least 60 seconds, the BS-D-N-100-A1 separates the two batteries again.

Typical Aplication: Battery separator for two sets of battery.

Idela for: RV / Automotive


  • 30 Positive terminal of the primary battery
  • 85 Connection Configurate
  • 86 Negative terminal (cautious this connection must always remain connected via a fuse of 3A)
  • 87 Positive terminal of the auxiliary battery (if the function “voltage dependent switch” is needed, connect the equipment positive here)
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"Battery Separator BS-D-N-100-A1 – BS-D-N-100-A1"

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Battery Separator BS-D-N-100-A1 – BS-D-N-100-A1

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Operate Voltage: Automatic Detection 12V / 24V


Rated Current On The Contacts: 100A

Max Switching Current: 300A @ 250ms


Connect Voltage: >13,2V @ 12V / >26,4V @24V

Disconnect Voltage: <12,8V @ 12V / <25,6V @ 24V

Stanby Current: <5mA


In Conformity with: 10R04


Single Net Weight: 0,11 Kg

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