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"Homologated Relay – O.5R.205.001.A1"

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Homologated Relay – O.5R.205.001.A1

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Normally Open N.O.


Operating Voltage: 9 ÷ 18V

Rated Voltage: 12V DC

Relay Type: A

Num. Terminals: 5

Coil Resistance: 90Ω ± 10%

Operate Voltage: ≤ 9V DC @23°C

Release Voltage: >2,5V @23°C


Resistor Presence: YES

Contact Gap: ≥ 0,6mm

Contacts Arrangement: SPST/Normally Open

Contacts Operate Time: ≤ 15ms

Contacts Pressure: 1,2N

Contacts Voltage Drop: ≤ 100mV @ 23°C

Diode Presence: NOT

Electrical Lifestime: 100.000 cycles @ 30A 2"ON / 2"OFF

Operate Time: ≤ 10ms @ 23°C

Insulation Resistance: 50MΩ

Max Continuous Current: 30A @ 23°C - 20A @ 85°C

Mechanical Lifetime: 1.000.000 cycles

Minimum Recommended Current: 0,5A

Release Time: ≤ 10ms @ 23°C

Rated Current On The Contacts: 30A


Reverse Polarity Protection: Not Available

Short Circuit Protection: Not Available

Degree Protection: IP 54 DIN40050

IP Protection: Not Available

Over Current Protection: Not Available

Over Voltage Protection: Not Available


Connection: Quick Connected Terminals

Dielettric Strenght: 600V DC

Flammability: UL94-HB

Operating Temperature: -40°C ÷ +85°C

Storage Temperature: -45°C ÷ 110°C

Test Temperature: + 23°C


Resistor Material: Carbon Film

Soft Spring: CuSnC5191

Spring: Stainless Steel 1Cr18Ni9TI

Suppression Resistance : 560Ω ± 5% (1/4w)

Terminal Treatment: Available on demand

Terminals: CuZn 37

Moving Contact: AgSnO₂

Housing: PA 66 GF25

Equivalent Resistor: 75Ω ± 10%

Fixed Contact: AgSnO₂

Baseplate: PA 66 GF25

Bobbin Wire: 2 UEW / 155° D. 0,12


Homologation Number: 10R-02 7026

Company IMDS: 75948

In Conformity with: ISO7588 | DIN46244 | ISO 8092 | IEC 60529 | EU Dir. 2002/95/EC RoHS

Vibration Test (ISO 16750-3): 5G @ 1 axis

Terminals Assignment: ISO 7588 | ISO 8092

Terminals Assignment/Terminal Number Assignmet: ISO 7588 | ISO 8092

Salt Spray Test (ISO 16750-3): 96h


Packing Options: 1pcs/30pcs/100pcs/400pcs

Anchor | Bracket: With Plastic Bracket


Single Net Weight: 35g

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