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"Power Relay – 03.404.101.50.A1"

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Power Relay – 03.404.101.50.A1

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Normally Open N.O.

Coil Data

Operating Voltage: 18 ÷ 32V
Coil Resistance: 360Ω ± 10%
Release Voltage: ≥ 2,4V @23°C
Rated Voltage: 24V DC
Operating Voltage: ≤ 14,4V DC @ 23°C
Num Terminals: 4

Contacts Data

Contacts Arrangement: SPST/Normally Open
Max Continuous Current: 50A @ 23°C 40A @ 85°C
Contacts Voltage Drop: 200mV @23°C
Mechanical Lifetime: 1.000.000 cycles
Electrical Lifestime: 100.000 cycles @ 50A 2"ON / 2"OFF
Contacts Operate Time: ≤ 15ms
Diode Presence: Not
Resistor Presence: Not
Release Time: 4ms (MAX 7ms)
Insulation Resistance: 100M Ω @500V DC (INITIAL)
Operate Time: 6ms (MAX 10ms)
Rated Current: 50A
Minimum Recommended Current: 1A @6V DC


Degree Protection: IP 66 DIN40050

Other Data

Storage Temperature: -45°C ± +110°C
Flammability: UL94-HB
Dielettric Strenght: 500Vms Contact/Coil
Connection: Quick Connected Terminals
Operating Temperature: -40°C ± +85°C
Test Temperature: + 23°C


Metal Bracket: Zn 6µm
Housing: PA 66 GF25
Moving Contact: AgSnO₂
Bobbin Wire: 2 EUW / 155° D. 0,085
Bobbin Structure: PA 66 GF25
Baseplate: PA 6,6 GF25
Fixed Contact: AgSnO₂
Terminals: CuZn37 (6,3 x 0,8mm) & Cu (9,5 x 1,2mm)
Terminal Treatment: Zn 5µm
Spring: Stainless Steel 1Cr18Ni9TI
Soft Spring: Stainless Steel 1Cr18Ni9TI

Additional Data

Vibration Test: 5G @ 1 axis
Terminals Assignment: ISO 7588 | ISO 8092
In Conformity with: ISO7588 | DIN46244 | ISO 8092 | IEC 60529 | EU Dir. 2002/95/EC RoHS
Terminals Assignment Terminal Number Assignmet: ISO 7588 | ISO 8092
Salt Spray Test: 96h
Homologation Number: E49 10R-05 0129 w/R oe w/D
Company IMDS: 75948

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