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In accordance with regulation ECE R48 Rev. 6 in all vehicles of category O3 and O4 certified since October 2017, the side marker lights of heavy vehicles must flash with the same frequency as the turn signals.

The SMU, the side light control unit for heavy vehicles, allows the trailer or semi-trailer to conform to current legislation.

The flashing of the side marker lights, in synchrony with the turn signals, greatly increases the visibility of the vehicle, signalling to pedestrians and cyclists that a heavy vehicle is turning, preventing risky situations.

The installation kit requires 2 SMUs per trailer, one for each side. The device is multi voltage, 12V and 24V.

Thanks to this device, the side marker lights flash when the vehicle begins the turning phase by activating the turn signal. At the end of the turning phase, the side marker lights stop flashing and stay on. If the “hazard” switch is pressed, the side marker lights flash on both sides. The device can control several lights, however the maximum current cannot exceed 2A. Should this occur, the device will signal that this limit has been exceeded by slowing down the flashing frequency of the side marker lights.


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"Side Marker Unit – SMU.01"


Side Marker Unit - SMU.01

Support with 2 M5 screws

Coil Data

Operating Voltage: 10 ÷ 30V
Rated Voltage: 12V DC / 24V DC
Num Terminals: 7

Contacts Data

Mechanical Lifetime: 1.000.000 cycles
Rated Current: Max 2A


Degree Protection: IP 68 DIN40050

Other Data

Storage Temperature: -45°C ± +110°C
Flashing Frequency Warning: 170 CPM
Flammability: UL94-HB
Diagnostics: Not Present, any failure warning
Connection: Loose ADR Cables
Operating Temperature: -30°C ± +70°C
Test Temperature: + 23°C


Housing: PA 66 GF25
Baseplate: PA 6,6 GF25
Terminals: Cu Zn
Rubber Component: EPDM
Resin Compound: Polyethane

Additional Data

Terminals Assignment: ISO 8092
In Conformity with: UNI 5931 DIN 912 UNI6592 DIN 125A
Terminals Assignment Terminal Number Assignmet: ISO 7588-1
Salt Spray Test: 96h
Homologation Number: 10R-05 0102
Company IMDS: 75948



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